The workshop that was led by Coach Sahar covered wide spectrum of topics related to communication as follows:   Communication with ourselves:   It is important to master communication with ourselves to be able to master our life and our success. In other words it is not the event that matters; it is how we interpret any event in our heads. We should train ourselves consciously to interpret incidents and events positively focusing on finding a solution to any problem rather than focusing on the problem itself.   So solution number one: Any incident or event in our life could be interpreted in a positive or a negative way. See the positive in any situation. That does not mean to blind our eyes and not see the problem. On the contrary we are advised to acknowledge the problem and focus on finding a solution rather than focusing on the problem itself.   Communication with others:   We communicate with each other to convey a message, to feel better, to get love, to give love, to amplify our good feelings or change a situation or make the other person feel better. We tend to communicate with each other in a negative way by criticizing or putting an effort to prove each other wrong.   Solution number two: Train yourself to see the other persons point of view, train yourself to see the other side of the coin. If you are right it does not necessarily mean that the other person is wrong. It could be a difference of opinion or difference in values. Especially in a multi cultural society values are different from one person to another and we must be prepared to accept the other.   Control your anger when you communicate:   Communicating out of anger or under stress often leads to breaking into communication. Be honest with yourself and see clearly how do you communicate with others when under stress or angry and how do you make the other person in your life (whether a spouse or friend, or colleague) do the things you want them to do. Review your method and consciously train yourself to react calmly and effectively in a situation when you usually tend to lose your temper.   Solution number 3: Be honest with yourself, think and remember how you behave when you are angry or stressed. Ask yourself if this is an effective way to communicate with the others. Think how can you improve on that in future similar occasions and make a conscious effort when you are faced with similar situation to change the way you react. Ask yourself about the method you usually use to get other people around you to do what you want them to do. Do you erupt, shout, get angry, threaten them, or do you cry or sulk or do you use emotional black mailing. Be honest with yourself and decide and train yourself consciously to use a more effective method that would help you to build more effective relationships.   The best way to improve your communication with others:   First of all we should realize that communication is not only words. Words constitute only 7% of the communication equation, while 38% of the communication is represented by our voice, tonality, volume and timbre and 55% of the communication is body language.   When we start communicating with another person, it is preferable to build rapport in any conversation through various methods such as matching or mirroring and by finding communality with the other person.   One of the most important and effective tools that would help us in communication is:   Active Listening is one of the most effective ways to improve our communication with ourselves and the world at large.