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Trans Gulf management Consultants (TGMC) offers first-class communications services to its niche global client base, from our headquarters in the United Arab Emirates.

At TGMC we make it our business to offer a full range of lingual services including legal translation, simultaneous interpretation, content development and Arabisation, and event management.

TGMC was born of the belief that practicing the art of effective communication can eliminate the misunderstandings which often occur in a globalised world.

Therefore in 2009, TGMC established its training and wellness department, Life in Harmony. Through this initiative we not only cater to the upskilling of industry professionals, but also offer the wider community a way to tackle the stress of everyday life.

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Breaking News ! 

The latest revolution in the Translation industry launched exclusively at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit 2014


TGMC (Trans Gulf Management) the translation services established in the UAE since 1997 has teamed up with Translate Your World to come up with new solutions to revolutionize the translation industry. It is being launched exclusively at the media summit to keep in line with the smart city concept that Abu Dhabi and Dubai consistently seek. Leaping into the digital world with simultaneous interpretation will expand the possibilities for the industry and mobilize its listeners.

The new technology will bring interpretation in real-time to any event, conference or exhibition via the Web.  You can have up to 300,000 listeners per language who can login and listen to the interpretation on their own devices online from anywhere, wherever, whenever.Still keeping in truth to the essence of the business of ‘people translation’ but we have expanded the horizon to broaden reach and reduce costs.

The translation can be done on or off site, the interpreter's voice is then returned to the audience via their own headphones. We guarantee high quality audio that can be heard on the individual’s own smart phone or laptop or tablet. The system has been developed to work on OS and Android.

TGMC plans the next phase of launch which will convert audio into text. The interpreter's voice will become subtitles, offering excellent results in many major languages.  The subtitles archived during an event can allow for exporting the transcription and translation to be used post the event, conference or exhibition collateral and material.

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