Coaching is the art of assisting others to define and clarify their goals and outcomes, set a path to achieving these outcomes and provide the support and challenge needed to ensure they achieve what is important to them” I.T.S.   Life Coaching aims to draw out the potential within each individual, it develops rather than imposes, it encourages rather than enforces and it enables you rather than trains you. It covers all aspects of personal development and a Life Coach can work with you on several areas including: Career development and direction Relationships (professional and personal) Time management Communication Dealing with stress/anxiety/fears Management and leadership skills Starting up a business/ entrepreneurialism Finding balance in your life Acquiring specific skills or knowledge Becoming the person you want to be Who is the Life Coach?   A Life Coach is your partner and your adviser. The life coach looks at the whole picture and helps you find your solutions and your answers to deal with any situation you are facing. The Life Coach will challenge you and inspire you while guiding you on your road to success.